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The following is a list of subjects and topics that are critical to any analysis of current events. See also my Keyword Essays list below for a summary of words critical to the understanding of this analysis. Although incomplete in its current form there would be sufficient prompts to the reader’s intellect to complete this study on their own terms. This is an unfinished work but provides a logical framework with which to evaluate the current scene in our world today. All the work has been done for the reader to facilitate this evaluation……..Chris April 15th, 2012

Keyword Essays 1985-



Common Sense

for the

New Millennium

in the

21st Century CE


KeyWord Essays


By Christopher Pearson

Started 1985



It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime.

Thomas Paine (1737-1809), Anglo-American political theorist, writer. The Age of Reason, pt. 1, “The Author’s Profession of Faith” (1794).

I would not presume to speak with such cultured eloquence of the founding times of our United States of America – for it seems that in this modern time most all “common sense” of that time has become lost to the current generations to the point we are now cursed as that bright light of a potential destiny for our people has but faded into an obscurity of profanely rendered history as to what it really was about – and as for now that original context is missing and I by suggesting it would most inevitably be misunderstood.

In our times the classical subject of Logic and Reason has been premeditatively infiltrated with a philosophy of a “chaos theory” which invokes only an organized confusion of one’s mind toward any “common sense” of things in general. Because of this, in order to speak of such things, we must return to a more “nuts-and-bolts” approach in all of its simplicity – a “what you see is what you get” demonstration of what we mean – if  we are to present something genuinely intelligent for others to grasp.

The current situation is this – the facts are these – the “common sense” treatment is thus……Chris

Although intuition plays a major role in the development of this work, information is drawn from myriad sources – which is perhaps the fruition of our age for which we have access to it through various communications media (while it lasts!) The coordination of this information is the basic intuitive function. Organization of this information is my major contribution here. This is a logical process of the collective experience, mind, and creative expression (function or operation) of the human race.

The credit goes out to all these unique contributions. No person is an island unto themselves. Human existence is a collective existence in which individuals make a contributive effort for the greater good. In this the Ego is not worshiped – the collective accomplishments are the end – product. It is all for the “Will of God” which is the ultimate reason of existence and for which no personal worship is required.

Keyword Essays


A = Authority and Authorship, The right to write.

B = Body, Beingness, and corporeal manifestation.

C = Consciousness and Self Consciousness.

D = Delusion, Deception, to deceive, to lie, occult powers.

E = Enlightenment and spiritual emancipation.

F = Freedom and Faith

G = God and Allah, Divinity, Truth, and Creation.

H = Happiness and Health, Medical, Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing.

I = Intellect, Intelligence, and Intuition.

J = Justice, Karmic Law, Civil Law and Inalienable Rights.

K = Knowledge, Process of Knowing.

L = Language, the instrumentality of Language and Definition.

M = Mind and Memory, and Emotions, Survival and Sentience.

N = New World Order [NWO] Globalism and what it means.

O = Origins, Past, Present and Future History of life on Earth.

P = Politics, Geopolitics, Political Science, and Psychopolitics.

Q = Quality of Life, Art and Aesthetics, and Culture.

R = Religion, Mythology and Metaphysics.

S = Science, Study and Discovery, the Scientific Method.

T = Technology, Research and Development.

U = Universes and Dimensional Realities, Space-Time Continuums.

V = Virtue and Characteristics of Angels Humanity

W = Wisdom and Guidance, Logic and Sanity.

X = X-rated, profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, Demons and their ilk.

Y = Youth the future of Humanity and Life on Earth.

Z = Zero point and finality, zero population growth ZPG


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