Z is for ZPG

Z = Zero point and finality, zero population growth ZPG.

(Zero Population Growth)

See also: The Global 2000 Report


ZPG  abbreviation
Zero population growth.

zero population growth

zero population growth (zîrʹŌ pŏp´yə-lĀʹshən grŌth) noun
Abbr. ZPG
The limiting of population increase to the number of live births needed to replace the existing population.

zero population growth (noun)

unproductiveness: dying race, falling birthrate, zero population growth, decrease



ep·i·logue also ep·i·log (ĕpʹə-lôg´, -lŏg´) noun

1.     a. A short poem or speech spoken directly to the audience following the conclusion of a play. b. The performer who delivers such a short poem or speech.

2.     A short addition or concluding section at the end of a literary work, often dealing with the future of its characters. In this sense, also called afterword.

[Middle English epiloge, from Old French epilogue, from Latin epilogus, from Greek epilogos, conclusion of a speech : epi-, epi- + logos, word, speech.]

epilogue (noun)

sequel: afterword, end matter, postlude, epilogue, postscript
extremity: tag, epilogue, postscript, end matter, appendix, adjunct
dramaturgy: finale, final curtain, epilogue




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